As a responsible organisation, that imbibes best practices and a principled value system, FMDQ remains committed to the values of sustainability, acknowledging that maintaining a positive impact on its immediate environment and community is critical to its overall business success. The Group’s corporate sustainability strategy is guided and expressed through its four (4) main Sustainability Pillars – Business, People, Community and Environment.

At FMDQ Group, we are intentional about making sure that our activities and operations contribute towards the achievement of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), as we believe that the delivery of long term economic growth, business success and value creation is not only hinged on financial, but also social and environmental performance, hence, the activities of the Group supports thirteen (13) of the seventeen (17) SDG’s, which include, Decent Work and Economic Growth, Quality Education, Climate Action, Responsible Consumption and Production, Sustainable Cities & Communities, amongst others, with the long-term overall aim of delivering prosperity to Nigerians.

At FMDQ, we are committed to creating an inclusive workplace culture and environment that fully embraces and promotes diversity and equal opportunity, where each employee is treated with respect and can fulfil potential. We do not discriminate on the grounds of gender, age, colour, physical appearance or disability, marital status, national origin, citizenship status, race, religion, political affiliation (or the lack of one), sexual orientation, thinking styles, personality traits (e.g. introverts or extroverts), family status, veteran status or other legally protected category. We value, respect and leverage on the idiosyncratic creative potential and unique contributions that individuals of different backgrounds, exposure, experience and perspectives, bring, to help in proffering innovative solutions; to enhance the understanding of the needs of our diverse stakeholders, tailor our products and services accordingly and to build a high performing, creative and more innovative organisation that delivers positive business results.

Our commitment to diversity & inclusion extends to all areas of business, including but not limited to Recruitment and Selection, Board &Management Appointments, Attraction & Retention of Employees, Promotion & Career Progression, Performance Management, Remuneration, Training & Development, Talent Management, Succession Planning, Redeployment and Redundancy.

FMDQ Group maintains business premises designed with a view to promoting safety and healthy living conditions for employees, and fire prevention and fire-fighting equipment are installed in strategic locations within the Group’s premises. Employees are adequately insured against occupational hazards and provided with medical facilities for them and their immediate families at the Group’s expense. Employees are also registered at a fitness center towards achieving employee wellness.


As a responsible organisation that understands the significant role it can play in helping solve some of our societal problems, FMDQ has identified the ways in which it can support its host communities by championing financial market education for the next generation and through the empowerment of the communities in which it operates, to advance socio-economic development in our nation.

FMDQ Next Generation Financial
Markets Empowerment Programme

FMDQ Next Generation Financial
Markets Empowerment Programme

 A learning and development initiative aimed at promoting financial market awareness, development, and literacy among students across all levels (primary, secondary and tertiary), as well as fresh graduates, within the country. FMDQ aims to make financial market education accessible to both disadvantaged and privileged students.

FMDQ Staff Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Initiative

FMDQ Staff Corporate Social
Responsibility (CSR) Initiative

 An initiative championed by FMDQ Staff, from honorariums, funds raised through auctions carried out on gifts received, and contributions from staff, which are donated to select charity organisations. The Initiative focuses on four (4) main categories, namely, Orphanages, Centres for Youth Rehabilitation, Homes for the Elderly and Special Needs Centres.


Sustainability Agenda

FMDQ, through its activities, aims to achieve sustainability in the areas it actively operates and impacts, and as such, its Sustainability Strategy is guided by four (4) main Sustainability Pillars: People, Community, Environment and Business.

Sustainability Agenda