As a Member of FMDQ Exchange, you gain access to one of Africa’s leading and largest securities exchanges for fixed income, currency and derivatives markets. Our Members make up a network of over 200 participants from diverse firms and interest groups, ranging from the dealers, market regulators, market makers, investors, brokers and other interested participants.

Having instituted innovative financial market infrastructures to make our markets “Globally Competitive, Operationally Excellent, Liquid and Diverse” (our “GOLD” Agenda), our Members can therefore, benefit from the improved transparency, governance, credibility and market liquidity availed by FMDQ Exchange.


Choose your preferred membership category
Complete and submit all supporting documents
Execute FMDQ Exchange Membership Agreement
Get onboarded as an FMDQ Exchange Member


At FMDQ Exchange, we provide a credible platform for the effective integration of market participants. From market regulators to market makers, issuers, investors, brokers and other participants in the financial markets, our membership categories address the needs of varied stakeholders in the Nigerian financial markets.

The four (4) broad membership categories are as follows:

Dealing Members
This membership category is largely made up of institutions that make market in the products traded on the Exchange.
Associate Member
This membership category can be further classified into Inter-Dealer Brokers, Brokers and Clients sub-categories.
Registration Members
This category of membership is split into Registration Member (Listings) and Registration Member (Quotations) sub-categories.
Affiliate Members

This membership category is ideal for institutions and individuals with an association with the financial markets and an intense interest in the FMDQ Exchange markets, willing to take advantage of the Exchange’s commitment to develop the Nigerian financial markets through knowledge, information and appropriate connectivity. FMDQ Affiliate Members are however, not conferred with any participatory or voting rights on the Exchange as either Dealing, Associate or Registration Members.

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