Securities Lodgement

Capital formation is challenging at best and FMDQ Depository’s primary objective is ensuring seamless interaction and process hand-off with requisite primary market participants to drive efficiency and cost effectiveness across the value chain.

Our securities lodgement procedure encompassing engagement with relevant stakeholders and generation of reference data is simple and straightforward. We maintain account structures that support depository participants, investors preference and distribution of securities to investors is done within a few hours of issuance with our securities lodgement procedure.

Furthermore, beneficial ownership records are maintained at a very high degree of fidelity which supports effective issuer and investor services. Our data security infrastructure and data confidentiality practices align with both global and local standards.

FMDQ Depository serves: 

  • Large base of institutional and private investors in both public and private markets guaranteeing issuers access to quality pool of market participants and consequently,
  • Our secondary markets which are liquid and vibrant are supported by value adding service portfolio that continues to generate growing interests.
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