SEC Approves FMDQ Bond Listing and Quotation Rules Posted on: December 15, 2014

SEC Approves FMDQ Bond Listing and Quotation Rules. The Nigerian capital market is set for further reforms with the foresight and judicious act of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in the approval of the FMDQ Bond Listing and Quotation Rules. Listing of bonds on FMDQ OTC PLC (FMDQ) will usher significant benefits – visibility, transparency, liquidity and efficiency – to the Nigerian debt capital market (DCM) participants. This commendable act by the SEC is in line with its mission to “develop and regulate a capital market that is dynamic, fair, transparent and efficient to contribute to the nation’s economic development”, as the Nigerian bond market prepares itself for revolutionary transformation. The DCM is now provided with choice, which will, no doubt, have a positive impact on the participants in this market (both domestic and international) and the nation as a whole.

The approval of FMDQ’s Bond Listing and Quotation Rules affirms its position as an integrated OTC exchange. FMDQ is set to bring about the much needed transformation in the Nigerian DCM by taking the necessary steps to address the issues facing its proper development. The debt-focused OTC exchange will be engaging in initiatives that will bring visibility, transparency, liquidity and efficiency to the Nigerian bond market, essentially providing world-class listing and quotation services to the market. FMDQ is also positioned to provide the same value-add and development to fixed income mutual funds, which will also be listed on its platform.

Listing and quotation on FMDQ will provide a whole host of benefits across the debt market value chain, positively impacting the DCM stakeholders i.e. issuers, investors, issuing houses, market makers and regulators. FMDQ’s value-add to the DCM includes visibility and transparency to the listed/quoted debts, improved secondary market liquidity, benchmark pricing and price formation, among others, resulting in a more globally competitive Nigerian capital market.

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