FMDQ Private Markets oversees the coordination of securities of private companies through its organized environment. The FMDQ Private Markets Guidelines refers to requirements, agreements, communiques, and such other terms and conditions as may be prescribed by the Private Markets from time to time.

The FMDQ Private Markets Companies’ Securities Noting Guidelines are developed in furtherance of the Company’s mandate to galvanise the development of the small-and medium-scale enterprises (SMEs) sector, as well as large corporate organisations in the Nigerian economy. The Guidelines seek to establish the framework through which private companies that have accessed the Nigerian capital markets through the issuance of securities via private placement can provide the required level of transparency on the Issuer and/or the Issue to Qualified Institutional Investors, through fulfilment of the Private Markets disclosure and reporting requirements.

We seek to ensure that information on Private Companies’ Securities (PCS) which are voluntarily presented to the Private Markets by Issuers maintain a required level of transparency at all times and that private companies offering their securities in the capital markets meet a minimum standard of disclosure as prescribed in the Guidelines.

Our Guidelines aim to serve as a structuring benchmark for the SMEs market segment in Nigeria. The Guidelines also outline the continuous reporting and disclosure requirements in respect of the PCS Programmes/Issuances noted by FMDQ Private Markets.

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