FMDQ Partners Covenant University as MD/CEO Speaks at Town & Gown Seminar Posted on: October 7, 2015

FMDQ Partners Covenant University as MD/CEO Speaks at Town & Gown Seminar. As part of efforts geared towards promoting financial markets knowledge among its stakeholders and the wider public at large, the MD/CEO of FMDQ OTC PLC (FMDQ), Mr. Bola Onadele.Koko, honored an invitation from the Banking and Finance Students Association (Covenant University Chapter) as the guest speaker of its 2015 Town & Gown Seminar. This Seminar, which saw in attendance 100 level – 400 level students, lecturers, as well as the Dean of the College of Business and Social Sciences, provided insight into the functionalities of the Nigerian financial market and in particular, the OTC securities exchanges.

In addition, the Forum presented an opportunity for further interactions on the strategic alliance between the University and the Exchange, part of which included donations of books to the University’s Center for Learning Resources. FMDQ’s representation and participation at the Seminar are well in line with the Exchange’s mission to empower the financial markets to be innovative and credible in support of the Nigerian economy.

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