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At FMDQ Exchange, corporates, commercial and government entities are gaining value from the efficient and proficient service offered by the Exchange’s Listings and Quotations service. From financial services institutions, to companies in the real estate, fast moving consumer goods and hospitality sectors, inter alia, we work very closely with issuers through FMDQ Registration Members (Listings & Quotations) to provide a tailored and value-adding service, offering end-to-end support for a streamlined and seamless process. Our Listings and Quotations service provides a dynamic and innovative platform for capital formation, offering institutions the support they require to impact their sectors and the economy at large.

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Why List/Quote on FMDQ Exchange

At FMDQ Exchange, we provide access to capital for issuers seeking to raise debt finance by providing an enabling platform that promotes requisite secondary market liquidity, among other benefits. Through continuous information disclosure, we foster transparency & information symmetry, serving to promote credibility and enabling investors make more informed decisions.

We efficiently integrate the domestic and international markets through enhanced trade visibility; effectively improve market surveillance & governance; and successfully facilitate effective price formation.

Issuers also benefit from the diversified investor base, highly responsive and efficient listings/quotations process, and credible benchmark pricing required for appropriate portfolio valuation, etc.