Quoted Securities


FMDQ contributed in the resuscitation of the Nigerian commercial papers market by providing the requisite governance and structure to a hitherto fragmented market. By enabling processes which guarantee an unrivalled time to market for the short-term securities, issuers of commercial papers find relief through the excellent service experience offered to their issues at FMDQ Exchange.

To support the resuscitated CP market, we developed the Commercial Paper Quotation Process to:

  • Provide a robust platform for the quotation of CPs
  • Regulate trading behaviour and protect the interests of trading parties
  • Further enhance transparency at the short end of the corporate yield curve, through continuous disclosure of relevant information

Benefits of Registering and Quoting Commercial Papers on FMDQ Exchange

  • Issuers gain access to a wide range of knowledgeable and capitalised investors (qualified institutional investors & eligible individual investors)
  • Liquidity is enhanced through the trading of the securities by FMDQ Dealing Members, improving the ease of entry to and exit from the CP market by investors
  • Investors diversify their portfolios and improve the returns on their investment


Through our efficient platform, we offer a specialised service for the quotation, valuation and trading of Nigerian Treasury Bills, issued under the authority of the Debt Management Office through the Central Bank of Nigeria, to provide short-term funding for the budget deficit of the Federal Government of Nigeria.

FMDQ provides an enabling platform that enhances liquidity, market transparency and global visibility to Nigerian Treasury Bills quoted on the Exchange. This is done through the activities of the FMDQ Dealing Members trading these bills daily on the Exchange’s trading system(s), the FMDQ website, and the FMDQ Daily Quotations List, which offers continuous disclosure of relevant information, thus promoting credibility for these bills and enhancing investor confidence in the securities.

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