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With the FMDQ Exchange being responsible for circa 100% of bonds traded in Nigeria, our Listings and Quotations service stands differentiated in the Nigerian debt capital market. Having ushered in unprecedented transparency, secondary market liquidity and process efficiency to the activities in the Nigerian bond market, FMDQ Exchange continues to demonstrate its commitment to making the markets within its purview globally competitive.

Bonds listed and admitted on FMDQ Exchange are traded by the Dealing Members, some of which act as primary dealers to the sovereign domestic bonds. FMDQ Dealing Member (Banks) act as market makers to the Nigerian sovereign bonds, thereby providing trading liquidity to these bonds. The following bonds, among others, can be listed and traded on FMDQ Exchange: Sovereign, Agency, Sub-national, Supranational, Corporate, Eurobonds, Short-Term and Sukuk.


We provide a highly efficient platform for the listing of managed funds, such as Mutual Funds, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), Infrastructure Funds and Real Estate Investment Trusts. By listing on FMDQ Exchange, fund managers/promoters benefit from our tailored start-to-finish support and gain access to a diversified investor base within FMDQ’s markets.
In addition to our efficient listings process and competitive pricing, FMDQ Exchange, through its robust information repository, improves transparency and information disclosure, making available through its website, key information on all listed Funds, such as the Fund prospectus, Net Asset Value of the Fund, as well as financial statements and relevant information about the Fund Manager, among others; thereby enhancing the credibility of the Fund and providing investors additional comfort.

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