Rules and regulation serve an important purpose to foster transparency, consistency, and fairness (component factors of regulation) in the financial markets. As a self-regulatory organisation, FMDQ Exchange aims to strike a seamless balance between the aforementioned factors through robust documentation and enforcement of its regulation

The Exchange works closely with the relevant regulatory authorities, including the Securities and Exchange Commission, Central Bank of Nigeria and the Debt Management Office to develop and enforce rules and regulation, with a view to build an enduring marketplace. The Rules provide the regulatory framework for FMDQ Exchange’s Members and their activities within the Exchange markets. These include Rules and Regulation governing trading of products within the FMDQ markets, registration, listing and quotation of securities, as well as the conduct of Members on the FMDQ Exchange platform. The Rules may be subject to periodic review and amendments from to time to time, to keep in line with global best practices.


Codified Rules Book

Market & Conduct Regulation

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OTC FX Futures Market Operational Standards

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