Equity securities (“Stocks” or “Shares” ) represent a stake in the ownership of a company. Unlike, debt or fixed income securities, they do not have a tenor or maturity date, hence investors in the stocks/shares of a company hold an ownership stake in the company for as long as the company exists or until their stake is sold to another investor.

Furthermore, equity securities are not interest-bearing like bonds, CPs and other debt securities. Equity investors, in their capacity of owners of the company are entitled to dividends (share of profits) periodically. 

FMDQ Exchange is well positioned to provide access to a deep pool of equity capital, as well as organising a liquid secondary market for equity securities. The Exchange offers admission services for any of the following equity securities or equity-linked instruments:

  • Ordinary shares
  • Equity exchange-traded funds (Equity ETFs) 
  • Depository receipts
  • Warrants

For the admission of your equity securities or equity-linked instruments, kindly contact us at lqg@fmdqgroup.com 

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