FMDQ Foundation

In a bid to offer greater autonomy in driving changes that align with FMDQ Group’s Corporate Responsibility Agenda, brand values, and to create a dedicated organisation to engage key stakeholders in supporting the development of our communities and country over the long term, the organisation intends to achieve its Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”) objectives by providing a structured and focused way to take our commitment to philanthropic efforts and community transformation to the next level by setting up the FMDQ Foundation (or the “Foundation”). The Foundation will operate as a separate entity, funded through direct contributions from FMDQ Group, and private and corporate institutions, among others.

The objective of FMDQ Foundation

To drive and inspire change by supporting community transformation projects that address social issues faced in society.

Focus and Initiatives of FMDQ Foundation

FMDQ Foundation
SDG 3 - Good Health and Wellbeing - Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages
  1. FMDQ Annual Cycling Competition
    This is a corporate philanthropy initiative with FMDQ Foundation, rallying the financial community and partners (corporate and private individuals) to raise funds for a selected cause.

  2. Health Care Fund

    This initiative aims to provide free health care services to the most vulnerable women and children under 5 years of age, through the management of a health care fund, to reduce child and maternal mortality rates

  3. Restoration Project for Health Care Centres

    This is a restoration project which aims to develop and upgrade the facilities and services provided by select Primary Health Care (PHC) Centres in underserved communities. Interventions will include the upgrade of health care facilities, provision of medical equipment and affordable medicines.

FMDQ Foundation
SDG 4 - Quality Education - Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all
  1. Q-Ducation

    This initiative seeks to improve the quality of education available to the common citizen and encourage autodidactism, through the development and/or refurbishment of relevant infrastructures and establishment of educative programmes.

  2. Financial Market Bootcamp for Graduates

    This initiative is aimed at preparing fresh graduates for careers in the financial market, through the development of skills and trainings in a variety of finance related subject areas, employability skills, amongst others, with the aim of developing talented and high performing finance graduates who can be gainfully employed in the Nigerian financial markets every year.

  3. Financial Market Bootcamp for Micro, Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (MSMEs)

    This initiative will focus on creating and/or supporting MSMEs to position themselves strategically to attract capital in an efficient, cost-effective, and affordable manner.

  4. Adopt-a-School Initiative

    This initiative is focused on ‘adopting’ public schools with the aim of transforming these educational institutions and improving child education by providing an inspiring learning environment and the key tools to support and advance education, thereby creating model learning institutions for children. Interventions include, the provision of educational infrastructure & materials, grants, scholarships & bursaries, school meals, amongst others.

FMDQ Foundation
SDG 5 - Gender Equality - Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls
  1. Financial Literacy for Outstanding Women (Q-FLOW)This initiative will focus on providing women with the fundamental financial knowledge to lead financially independent lives. Beyond financial market education and empowerment, women will also be equipped with the required skills to start up their own business, grant opportunities, amongst others.

  2. WomentorshipThis initiative seeks to provide mentorship to women, from university to the workplace, guiding them through the necessary requirements for a stellar professional career in their chosen fields.

  3. Financial Literacy for WomenThis initiative is focused on the empowerment of less privileged women by building financial capability through financial literacy and skills-building programmes to pursue a financially empowered life.

  4. Project Light-it-up EconomyThis initiative is aimed at empowering local women in remote communities to lead the change by providing clean alternative power systems, e.g., solar, to remote and rural communities in order to improve their access to economic opportunities and to start to transform their communities. Interventions will be through solar trainings, awareness & sensitisation programmes, and donation of solar materials.

FMDQ Foundation
SDG 6 - Water and Sanitation - Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all
  1. SanitationIQ

    This initiative aims to create awareness about the importance of environmental sanitation and personal hygiene, through media campaigns, community outreaches, donation of sanitation equipment / facilities and incentivised voluntary assignments, to promote a sanitary community lifestyle.

  2. Project Clean Water

    This initiative is focused on implementing Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Programmes, which include the provision of clean and portable water, as well as other programmes related to sanitation and hygiene to remote communities, schools and healthcare centres, in order to improve health, education and overall wellness in those communities.

FMDQ-OXFO Partnership
With innovative technology and strategic partnerships we create a new value network and redefine the cost structure for homeownership so that more people
FMDQ Sustainability Agenda
FMDQ, through its activities, aims to achieve sustainability in the areas it actively operates and impacts, as such, its Sustainability Strategy is guided by five (5) main Sustainability Pillars…

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