Alpha Mead Facilities & Management Services Limited Registers ₦5.00 Billion Commercial Paper Programme on FMDQ Exchange

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To ensure sustained business operations in today’s challenging economic environment, corporates are exploring alternative financing options by accessing the Nigerian debt markets to cover capital deficits. FMDQ Securities Exchange Limited (“FMDQ Exchange” or “the Exchange”), known for its commitment to providing a reliable and credible platform for the registration, listing, quotation, trading and reporting of financial securities, is pleased to announce the registration of Alpha Mead Facilities & Management Services Limited ₦5.00 billion Commercial Paper (“CP”) Programme on its platform on May 27, 2024.

Alpha Mead Facilities & Management Services Limited (“Alpha Mead Facilities”) is one of Africa’s leading facilities management companies, offering integrated facilities management operations and consultancy services to large, complex and multi-serviced facilities across Africa. The registration of this CP Programme, sponsored by Pathway Advisors Limited, a Registration Member (Quotations) of the Exchange, allows Alpha Mead Facilities to efficiently raise short-term finance from the Nigerian debt markets through CP issues within the approved CP Programme limit.

Administered by FMDQ Exchange, the Nigerian CP market, consistently offers issuers new opportunities to expand their businesses and sustain investors’ confidence, thereby aiding the overall growth of the Nigerian economy. The Exchange remains committed to providing a liquid, transparent, and efficient market to support corporate aspirations, enabling access to the necessary capital to bridge funding gaps in their respective sectors.

FMDQ Group PLC is Africa’s first vertically integrated financial market infrastructure (“FMI”) group, strategically positioned to provide registration, listing, quotation and noting services; integrated trading platform, clearing & central counterparty, and settlement services for financial markets transactions; depository of securities, as well as data and information services, across the debt capital, foreign exchange, derivatives and equity markets, through its wholly owned subsidiaries – FMDQ Exchange, FMDQ Clear Limited, FMDQ Depository Limited and FMDQ Private Markets Limited. As a sustainability-focused FMI group, FMDQ Group PLC, through FMDQ Exchange, operates Africa’s premier Green Exchange – FMDQ Green Exchange – positioned to lead the transition towards a sustainable future.

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