Market Development Stakeholders’ Session (Series 2) – Buy Side Posted on: July 3, 2014

Market Development Stakeholders’ Session (Series 2) – Buy Side. Having activated the Dealing Members (Banks) class of membership, FMDQ seeks to activate the Associate Members (Clients) class to offer access to FMDQ trading systems.

FMDQ OTC market is made up of various stakeholders with different classes of membership to address their requirements. Associate Members are categorised into Clients and Brokers.

The Market Development Stakeholders’ Session (Series 2) which held at the FMDQ Mini-Conference room on July 3, 2014 provided a forum for representatives of the buy-side (corporate treasurers, pension fund administrators, fund managers etc.) to discuss the FMDQ Associate Member – Clients’ technology requirements, benefits and next steps. This session also provided an opportunity for interactions and clarification on the new structure of the OTC market, convey stakeholders’ requirements and ways through which FMDQ can more effectively collaborate with all market participants. Key discussions at this insightful session included:

    • FMDQ Associate Member-Clients Activation

FMDQ’s Value Proposition
Application and Registration Process
Membership Dues
E-Bond Trading Rules
Expanding Trading Counterparties
Settlement Process

  • Commercial Papers – Next Steps
  • Fixed Income Indices
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