FMDQ Organises Cocktail Reception & Dinner Party for Outgoing Directors Posted on: November 22, 2014

FMDQ Organises Cocktail Reception & Dinner Party for Outgoing Directors. In a bid to honour six (6) of its Inaugural Directors who resigned from the Board on July 31, 2014, FMDQ organised a Cocktail Reception & Dinner Party in recognition and appreciation of their selfless service towards birthing and operationalising FMDQ through its developmental stages. The reception, which was held at The Civic Center, Lagos on November 21, 2014, opened with cocktails and picture sessions and was well attended by FMDQ Members, CBN representatives and other capital market participants.

The MD/CEO of FMDQ, Bola Onadele Koko, in his address, welcomed the honourees and guests, and went ahead to disclose that the hypothesis of the Inaugural Board for an integrated market where origination, sales/ distribution and trading activities will sit on a Debt Capital Securities Exchange has been validated as FMDQ now has a varied membership base including Dealing Members, Associate Members (Inter-dealer brokers, Brokers & Clients) and Registration members (Listings and Quotations). He recognised the Inaugural Board for the part they played in the development of FMDQ and thanked everyone for their support thus far. The Chief Host, and Chairman of the FMDQ Board, Dr. (Mrs.) Sarah .O. Alade, OON (Deputy Governor, Economic Policy Directorate of the Central Bank of Nigeria) presented the Chairman’s Remarks, where she extolled the outgoing directors for the work they had done thus far, and acknowledged the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Debt Management Office (DMO), FMDA and the pioneer MD/CEO and staff of FMDQ, who worked tirelessly with the Inaugural Board to ensure that the FMDQ dream became a reality. She added that the current Board is committed to building on the progress made by its predecessors to ensure that the FMDQ mission and its “GOLD” (Global Competitiveness, Operational Excellence, Liquidity and Diversity) Agenda are accomplished.

The Keynote Speaker, Dr. Doyin Salami, stated that in order for a market to be successful, it must have all necessary frameworks and structures. He further opined that FMDQ must continue to ensure the promotion and sustenance of market liquidity, transparency, effective surveillance and market discipline to further develop its markets. The outgoing Chairman of the Board, Mr. Aigboje Aig-Imoukhuede, CON, in his remarks, challenged the country to develop the necessary infrastructure to support the economic development of the nation and added that all those who are, through FMDQ, contributing to the development of such infrastructure, are indeed helping to build a great nation. He declared that with the current Board, pioneer CEO and staff, FMDQ would definitely achieve great things in the years to come, and was thankful for the opportunity to serve in the first instance.

The evening culminated with 36 new Associate and Registration Members being provisionally licenced by Mr. Oscar Onyema, OON (Chair, Board Regulation and Supervision Committee, FMDQ) to carry out their respective functions on the FMDQ Platform. Mr. Onyema cautioned the new members to value their licences and guard them jealously, and also live up to the expectations bestowed upon them. The event was brought to a close with a vote of thanks by Alhaji Muhammad Nda (Chair, Board Risk Management Committee, FMDQ).

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