FMDQ Launches Affiliate Members Category Posted on: September 29, 2015

FMDQ Launches Affiliate Members Category. As part of FMDQ’s continued progress towards delivering on one of its mandates to develop the Nigerian financial markets through capacity building, thereby increasing market confidence and efficiency, the securities exchange is pleased to announce the launch of a new category of membership, FMDQ “Affiliate Members”. This membership category is ideal for institutions and individuals with a keen interest in the FMDQ markets, and an association with the financial markets, but not in a full participatory role as either a Dealing, Associate or Registration Member of FMDQ, taking advantage of the Exchange’s commitment to develop the Nigerian financial markets via capacity building through knowledge and information.

Affiliate Members can avail on FMDQ’s core value proposition of consistently adding value to a vast range of stakeholders and are consequently provided with benefits including but not limited to financial market knowledge acquisition, trades/investments monitoring ability, tools to enable informed investment decisions and efficient price discovery, as well as access to a repository of fixed income and currency markets information, all through a new and innovative tool, the FMDQ “e-Knowledge” module.

The FMDQ “e-Knowledge” module contains a bouquet of tools providing information relating to, amongst other things, financial market news, fundamentals, tips and education, historical facts about the financial market, market & model prices and rates of FMDQ products, securities & instruments, analytics, etc., contributed by various sources. Affiliate Members are granted access to invaluable and expedient information on the FMDQ markets, among others, through “e-Knowledge”.

“e-Knowledge”, the FMDQ bespoke online “Knowledge Centre”, houses the following sub-modules:

  • e-Discovery – Daily activity information on the FMDQ fixed income and currency markets
  • e-MarketData – Financial market data centre for primary financial and OTC market-related data, for fixed income and currency products and their derivatives
  • e-Analytics – End-user analytics on the FMDQ fixed income and currency markets
  • e-MarketMedia – FMDQ & market news updates, knowledge tips & tidbits, etc.
  • e-MarketReports – A repository of various reports on FMDQ market activities and events analysis

Click here to launch FMDQ “e-Knowledge”

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