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FMDQ Holds Derivatives Market Training for Market Participants Posted on: June 10, 2019

FMDQ Holds Derivatives Market Training for Market Participants

The FMDQ Derivatives Market Development Project (the “Project”) was activated in 2018 to set the tone for and facilitate the launch of a standardised derivatives market in the Nigeria. In this regard and as part of the Derivatives Project Stakeholder Engagement and Sensitisation plan, FMDQ, through the FMDQ Academy franchise, kicked off a series of training sessions from April 2019. These bespoke trainings, directed at different segments and participants of the Nigerian financial markets, are designed to address the diverse interests represented in the derivatives market and provide a holistic understanding of the derivatives market ahead of the official launch of new products into the market.

The first stream of the training series which provided a holistic understanding of the Nigerian derivatives market, commenced on Monday, April 29, 2019, and ended on May 3, 2019. The 4-day training which held at the Exchange Place was attended by risk managers, securities dealers, fund/portfolio managers, traders, chief financial officers (CFOs), and investment officers, inter alia.

A number of these trainings are planned to hold during the course of the year. As FMDQ gears towards the launch of other derivatives products beyond the OTC FX Futures product, it is imperative that the market and indeed, all participants are well-equipped with the necessary know-how and capacity to utilise these products vis-à-vis the hedging options they present to effectively manage their risk exposures.