About FMDQ GOLD Awards


The FMDQ GOLD Awards (GOLD Awards), underscored by the tenets of FMDQ’s GOLD (Global Competitiveness, Operational Excellence, Liquidity and Diversity) Agenda,has become a corporate tradition of FMDQ Group, recognising the demonstrated resilience and agility of the Nigerian financial markets participants, and acknowledging the valuable efforts of these stakeholders, whose participation in the FMDQ markets and across the financial market infrastructure value chain of FMDQ’s businesses – securities exchange, central counterparty, and depository – have positively shaped the course of the markets and invariably impacted the development of the Nigerian economy.


In the light of the standards of the “new normal”, and in keeping with the tradition of FMDQ Group to recognise excellence in its markets, the 2021 FMDQ GOLD Awards will be commemorated, albeit without a ceremony. This year, as was done in the last three (3)years, the Awards nominees, finalists and winners will be verified by an independent verifier, Ernst & Young, and the winners circulated to FMDQ’s stakeholders via publications across all traditional and online media channels on Friday, November 5, 2021.

Our GOLD Agenda


FMDQ is unwavering in its commitment to the transformation of the Nigerian financial markets through its “GOLD” (Global Competitiveness, Operational Excellence, Liquidity and Diversity) Agenda. The “GOLD” Agenda continues to serve as FMDQ’s methodology for assessing the quality of, not only the markets under its purview, but the Nigerian financial markets at large. 

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