FMDQ as an SRO

FMDQ Securities Exchange Limited is licenced by the Securities and Exchange Commission as a self-regulatory organisation and carries out its vast regulatory responsibilities through the development and enforcement of Rules & Regulation regarding the proficiency and conduct of its Members and their Authorised Representatives.

FMDQ, in its capacity as an SRO, develops robust Rules & Regulation to govern its Members, products and markets in line with global best practices; establishes and maintains an Investor Protection Fund in line with the Investment and Securities Act; conducts robust due diligence for all securities sought to be registered, listed, or quoted on the Exchange; conducts surveillance, inspections, and examinations on its Members’ activities to maintain high levels of professionalism and orderliness within its markets, amongst others.

In the execution of its SRO function, FMDQ is driven by the principles of transparency, consistency and fairness, which form the basis for effective regulation.

Furthermore, FMDQ adopts a consultative approach and actively seeks feedback from its regulators, Members, market participants and other stakeholders, in order to promote and sustain confidence in the FMDQ markets.

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