FMDQ Depository – Members

Our Members are institutional participants that hold and administer securities or an interest in securities on behalf of an investor(s) or themselves; and have been accepted as Participants (Members) in accordance with the rules and regulations of FMDQ Depository, and in addition, registered by the Securities and Exchange Commission, Nigeria.

Upon completion of the Participant Eligibility Form, Participants who are accepted as Members of FMDQ Depository are onboarded.

Consequently, an issuer appoints a transfer/paying agent (Issuing House) to fill and submit a Security Admittance Registration Form to FMDQ Depository. The issuer’s designated agent(s) liaises with FMDQ Depository on activities related to servicing of its security and other corporate action on the security. During the lifecycle of the issuer’s security, servicing activities may include dividend/coupon and redemption payments, and re-organisation or activation of a corporate action process etc.

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