14.00 NIGER II 4-OCT-2018

Issue Amount (₦’bn)9.00
Tenor (Year)7
Issue DateOct. 4, 2011
Maturity DateOct. 4, 2018
Coupon (%)14.00
Yield at Issue (%)N/A
Issue Price (₦)At par
CurrencyNigerian Naira
Coupon FrequencySemi-annual
Issue RatingA-/Agusto; A-/GCR
Use of ProceedsTo Finance the Construction of Roads
RedemptionPar at maturity
Debt ServiceA Sinking Fund has been created in accordance with the provisions of the enabling Law and the Investment and Securities Act (“ISA”). The sinking fund shall be principally funded from the pledged revenues by way of the Irrevocable Standing Payment Order (“ISPO”). The management of the sinking fund is the responsibility of the Trustees
TrusteesSkye Trustees Limited and UBA Trustees Limited
Tax ConsiderationExempted from Nigerian Tax
Offer DocumentPricing Supplement