Cordros Money Market Fund

Fund Name:Cordros Money Market Fund
Fund Manager:Cordros Management Limited
Issuing Houses:Vetiva Capital Management Limited
Trustees to the Fund:STL Trustees Limited
The Offer:1,000,000,000 Units of ₦1 each
Nature of the Fund:The Fund seeks to provide capital stability, liquidity and diversification while providing a competitive return. The Fund will invest in high quality short term debt securities such as Banker's Acceptances, Certificates of Deposits, Commercial Papers, Collaterised Repurchase Agreements, Deposits (Fixed/Tenored) with eligible Financial Institutions.
Price:₦100 per Unit
Units of Sale:Minimum of 100 Units and multiples of 50 Units thereafter.
Rating:Agusto & Co./A-(f)
Holding Period:N/A
Payment Terms:In full on application
Offer DocumentProspectus